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Stop using Locale::Maketext

The following is a translation of a talk given by Steffen Winkler at German Perl Workshop 10, Internationalisierungs-Framework auswählen, in 2010. You can find my translation of the POD on Github. (In fact you are better off reading it there, because the CSS formatting on blogs.perl.org sucks, at least for now. If you’re seeing this in a feed reader, feel free to stay.)

Aside from Steffen’s talk, there is also Nikolai Prokoschenko’s rant On the state of i18n in Perl, which mentions to some extent the fact that gettext has established workflows as well as supporting software (such as graphical tools) known in many software communities and even outside the open source world, whereas Maketext has… none of that, and is known only to Perl folk.

Be smart. Don’t use Maketext.

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