I’ve uploaded a new version of the GreaseMonkey script I introduced in my last entry (to let you use for searching but with links to MetaCPAN in the search results).

This version is updated for GreaseMonkey 1.0, and also includes a small link at the top right of a search results page which links to the same search on MetaCPAN:

var query = document.querySelector('input[type=text]').value;
if (query) {
    document.querySelector('.t4 small').insertAdjacentHTML('beforeend',' <a id="goto-metacpan">&#x2192; MetaCPAN</a>');
    var link = document.getElementById('goto-metacpan');
    var href = '' + encodeURIComponent(query);
    link.href = href.replace(/%20/g,'+');'float','right');'padding-right','.4em');'color','inherit');

Easily installable from Share and enjoy.

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