Bring your dirty YAPC::EU 2013 money to YAPC::EU 2014

Nicholas Clark:

It turns out that it’s quite hard to change Ukrainian Hryvnia back into your local currency. Apparently you need to get a special form to do it, which seems to be about as common as a Ryanair refund.

Given that quite a few of us aren’t that likely to return to Ukraine any time soon, it implies that there’s quite a lot of paper money sitting around various Perl monger’s desks, drawers etc, not earning its keep. For each individual it’s not much in value, but I suspect that all together it adds up to a few thousand Pounds/Euros/Dollars etc. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian central bank is very happy about all currency it got in return for selling us [its] bits of paper.

So I thought that it would be a good idea if we put the notes carefully to one side, and then all took them to Sophia next year, where at YAPC::Europe 2014 someone from Kiev can come with a big bucket, collect the money, and take it back to do useful things with it.

I assume that the intervening events have not made changing the currency any easier…

In any case I’ll be bringing my 70 along, and bulk88 has expressed interest to buy, should none of our attendants from the Ukraine want them.

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