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On the eve of CPAN Testers

Have a look at the CPAN Testers reports for two TRIAL releases of the same module, one from 2 days ago, the other a little over 3 years ago:

Last time, reports started coming in within hours of the release; over 60% of the picture was there within a day; some 85% after 2 days; and the first wave of reports lasted a week.

This time, it took almost a day to even start getting reports, and the diversity has been much lower. 3 days in, reports are still absent for many platforms:

  • None for NetBSD, almost none for OpenBSD.
  • Only a handful for Solaris (but I’ll admit to small surprise about that one).
  • Windows is sparse – although coverage is not notably down relative to last time.
  • Cygwin is entirely absent this time – but not a big difference from the one lone report it had last time.
  • FreeBSD and Linux are at least healthy – but no longer anywhere near comprehensively covered. (How’s that for something I’d never have expected to see?)
  • Who’da thunk the best-covered platform would someday be… Darwin?

(Also of note is that the only 5.8 tested at all so far is 5.8.9, a maintenance release from long after 5.10.0 with little real-world relevance. Last time 5.8 had good coverage, including the most important releases (5.8.1; 5.8.5; 5.8.8). (Of course, any 5.8 is better than no 5.8 at all.))

Within just a few years, we are severely down on CPAN Testers resources.

And that’s compared to 2018, which already was a long way from any kind of golden age for CPAN Testers.

CPAN Testers is on its way out.

I never bothered with CI for CPAN modules before but now it seems an unavoidable necessity.

(And common CI products have never made broad platform coverage easy…)

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