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I've always liked Prolog as a programming language. Something about the way the language works (like the built-in backtracking) appeals to my nature, much like Perl's proclivity for linguistic floridity. Thus, I've decided to try my hand at writing a Prolog compiler for the Parrot VM.

To try to suppress my natural tendency to move from subject to subject (being a fox and not a hedgehog) I'm going to keep a development diary here. Also, I've found that the documentation on implementing HLLs with Parrot is either thin on the ground or a bit dated. So hopefully some of my scribblings turn out to be useful to someone else.

I've started work on the project, and keep a repository on GitHub. If you're interested, have a look at


Excellent! Prolog on Parrot would be awesome.

Were there any particular features that attracted you to parrot over some of the more major VMs?

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