Windows Sucks, Right? It does doesn't it?

Does Windows really suck? Yes. Is Windows also awesomesauce? Yes. Are both these statements and answers contradictions? Yes .. and No. Wait, what? I don’t understand the question. Does Windows suck, yes or no? It depends.


  • Yes, Windows sucks as an operating system for developing in Unix-based programming languages

  • Yes, Windows has the best general Desktop user experience (of all current systems)

So, getting to the point, context-matters. Disgruntled old IRC channel loiterers love to make generalizations about everything from politics to operating systems, regex use-cases to procedural versus object-oriented programming.

This is a cautionary tale for newbies, listen and do as you’re told, but also, don’t.

Your friendly neighborhood rebel-rouser


Scribble: Yet Another Attempt To Make Perl ...

Yet another bright idea (I think) to make Perl look and act like something else ....

# so basically this would load classes on-the-fly using Module::Runtime (or the like) if not already loaded, and provide simple and cute access to class methods, etc. Obviously there are times (most-times) when you'd rather know about a problem at compile-time versus run-time but my brain dumps could care less about those types of particulars.

package App::Controller::Root;

use Class::Path class => 'App';

    my $obj;

    $obj = class '/database'; # App::Databa…

MongoDBI - has documentation, isa => 'starting point'

Over the past few days I've hacked together some documentation for MongoDBI to serve as a starting point. Its not extensive or complete but it enough for you to get your feet wet.


MongoDBI, ... I made it, go check it out!

I'm a little burnt out from doing client work, working on MongoDBI all last week, writing code then documentation, ... so, yup, MongoDBI, MongoDB ODM, I just started it, check it out, .. leave comments if you're not too burnt out.

Click Me - Synopsis


When developing software (or deliverables in general) ... it is a good practice to give your finished product an identifier distinguishing it from other like products (or even different variations of the same product).

The version number 0.0.0 could be (is usually) interpreted as version.edition.iteration, whereas the …