September 2010 Archives Technical Meeting - Wed 22nd Sept 2010

Date:    Wednesday 22nd September 2010
Times:   from 7pm onwards (see below)
Venue:   Birmingham Science Park Aston, Faraday Wharf, Holt Street,
         Birmingham, B7 4BB.


  • Migrating a PHP website to Perl/Catalyst [Steve Pitchford]
  • Moose - quick, easy and efficient OO in Perl5 [Richard Wallm…

Maisha, now with OAuth support

A project I started back last year is Maisha, a command line client to interface to social micro-blogging networks, such as Twitter. On 31st August this year, Twitter depreciated the Basic Authention method of allowing applications to login users with a simple username and password combination. In its place they now use OAuth. (See also the /users/barbie/2010/09/index.html

YAPC::Europe 2010 Conference Survey Results

The results from the Conference Survey for YAPC::Europe 2010 in Pisa, Italy are now online.

This year YAPC::Europe had 245 registered attendees, with 153 of those attendees (amounting to 62%) submitting their responses. Many thanks to the 153 of you who took the time to take the survey, and all those who submitted 1048 evaluations for the speakers. It really is very much appreciated.

I now plan to work through the feedback for… 10th Birthday

On the 8th September 2010, Birmingham Perl Mongers celebrated their 10th birthday. While there are several other groups around the world who have been in existence longer, I think we are the second longest (uninterrupted) running group in the UK.


Mike Bissett (who was our special guest last month, when he paid us a visit while on holiday, as he now lives in Australia) and I started Birmingham Perl Mongers on…

YAPC::Europe 2010 Talk/Tutorial Evaluations

I have just sent out the evaluations for all the talks and tutorials given at YAPC::Europe 2010 in Pisa. If you haven't received yours, first check that it hasn't got lost in a spam filter. If it hasn't arrived by tomorrow, let me know and I'll resend a copy.

There were 153 survey responses received and 1048 talk responses received. With 245 attendees, that gives a 62.44% response rate, so thank you to all who took the time to complete all the surveys.

The official conference survey results will be published wit… celebrates their 10th birthday

Date:    Wednesday 8th September 2010
Time:    6pm onwards
Venue:   The Dragon Inn, Hurst Street, Birmingham, B5 4TD


This month the Social Meeting is something rather special. We'll be celebrating TEN years of While there are several other groups around the world who have been in existence longe…

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