YAPC::Europe 2010 Conference Survey Results

The results from the Conference Survey for YAPC::Europe 2010 in Pisa, Italy are now online.

This year YAPC::Europe had 245 registered attendees, with 153 of those attendees (amounting to 62%) submitting their responses. Many thanks to the 153 of you who took the time to take the survey, and all those who submitted 1048 evaluations for the speakers. It really is very much appreciated.

I now plan to work through the feedback for the organisers, and prepare the raw data, as well as the raw data for previous surveys. After that I hope to release all the code used to administer the surveys, so that if anyone wishes to use this code for their own purposes they can. However, as the YAPC Conferences Surveys can interface to the Act system, if you are organising a YAPC or Workshop using Act and wish to run surveys, please feel free to ask me to set up an instance for you.

If you have any feedback regarding the surveys, or suggestions for questions, or have any questions regarding the surveys themselves, please feel free to contact me at barbie@cpan.org. For previous surveys please visit the YAPC Conference Surveys website

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