Text::Fuzzy now with transpositions

The Text::Fuzzy module for approximate string matches, especially over lists, now also handles the Damerau-Levenshtein edit distance, thanks to a patch from Nick Logan (UGEXE). This is an edit distance where the difference between "tarp" and "trap" is one rather than two. Please download this developer release to try it out.

CPAN::Nearest is now Text::Fuzzy

The module CPAN::Nearest for finding the closest module to a misspelt name is now integrated into a more general module, Text::Fuzzy.

Perl module for identifying Chinese IP addresses

This new Perl module IP::China provides a lookup for internet addresses which rapidly tells whether they are from China. It is based on a binary search of a database of about 2600 ranges, from the MaxMind GeoLite IP database.

Upgraded module Lingua::JA::FindDates

I have upgraded a module, Lingua::JA::FindDates, for scanning text to find dates in Japanese format.

New module to read a MATLAB .mat file into Perl

Data::MATFile is a Perl module to read the MATLAB MAT-File format.