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New compression module Gzip::Libdeflate

I've turned the libdeflate compression library into a CPAN module:


This is the gzip compression method, but updated.

It's supposed to be much faster and better than libz (the original gzip library).

Sometimes I am getting compression of as much as 30% better on some files.

So far I haven't tested whether or not it is faster.

See the module above for links to the original library and so on.

Since this is an early release, it's very likely indeed that bugs in the module are my fault rather than any problem with libdeflate, so please report them to me.

I found the truth about GameStop, Qanon, the Biden adminstration, and the British Royal Family

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There is more:

Q found out that reincarnation is true and he has been imprisoned in The Pentagon. Qanon are protecting this secret. The Biden administration knows the truth but Qanon have paid them off with a warehouse full of holy water. The Wikipedia entry for The Pentagon keeps getting edited by the Biden administration and Qanon even admit it. They leave clues to mock us.

You too can find out the truth about what's REALLY going on here or here

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