I found the truth about GameStop, Qanon, the Biden adminstration, and the British Royal Family

The British Royal Family and GameStop have been in a secret war with each other for hundreds of years. Nobody knows why. GameStop has included it in their manifesto and the Royals is always untrustworthy. They leave clues to mock us! GAMESTOP HAS INCLUDED IT IN THEIR MANIFESTO! MOCK! MOCK!

There is more:

Q found out that reincarnation is true and he has been imprisoned in The Pentagon. Qanon are protecting this secret. The Biden administration knows the truth but Qanon have paid them off with a warehouse full of holy water. The Wikipedia entry for The Pentagon keeps getting edited by the Biden administration and Qanon even admit it. They leave clues to mock us.

You too can find out the truth about what's REALLY going on here or here


I was about five seconds away from reporting spam to the admins. But I floated the link and saw it was a metalink to an ACME. :smh This is too funny.

Aliens from Mars killed Lee Harvey Oswald to hide the truth that eating Kraft instant mac and cheese boxes causes obesity. Lee Harvey Oswald found out because they were the source of all knowledge. Aliens from the moon know the truth but the Martians have paid them off with unknown quantities of oil. THEY HIDE THE TRUTH IN PLAIN SIGHT. The moonlings keep editing the Wikipedia page about western medicine and Kraft instant mac and cheese boxes smell funny. The numbers never lie. O+B+E+S+I+T+Y = 15+2+5+19+9+20+25 = 95. M+A+R+T+I+A+N+S = 13+1+18+20+9+1+14+19 = 95.

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