Late to the party, but I brought bottles

I'd been procrastinating at looking at Dist::Zilla, but I thought I'd have a go with it this week.

And as usual I found some yaks to shave on my travels.

First off I had to port over Module::Install::GithubMeta to Dist::Zilla::Plugin::GithubMeta.

Flush with the success of this I decided to try converting some other of my Module::Install extensions, starting with Module::Install::AssertOS.

After much gnashing of teeth and hair-pulling I've eventually released Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AssertOS to CPAN.

Closely followed by Dist::Zilla::Plugin::NoAutomatedTesting.

Both these demonstrate a slightly dubious mechanism for manipulating the dzil generated Makefile.PL. You might want Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MakeMaker::Awesome instead.


Are you aware that cpanm will set `AUTOMATED_TESTING`? So using your new plugin presumably makes dists uninstallable with cpanm.

Anyway, good stuff. Nice to see more dzil plugins.

Ah, I stand corrected. I thought it was for the entire build process.

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