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Support the Perl QA Hackathon 2014 in Lyon

Since it was announced in November 2013, Laurent Boivin and I have been busy with the organization of the Perl QA Hackathon 2014, securing venue, accommodation, catering, sponsors, invitations, etc.

During this seventh edition, as usual, the participants will be giving their time, knowledge and experience to the Perl community for four days, hacking and arguing about QA (quality assurance) and CPAN toolchain. In return for their time and valued experience, we want to make this event as cheap as possible for them to attend, by covering their travel, accommodation and food to the best of our abilities.

Introducing Git::Repository::Plugin::AUTOLOAD

Most git wrappers on CPAN (Git::Wrapper, Git::Class and Git::Sub offer methods (or functions) based on the existing git subcommands (usually limited to a subset of the porcelain commands). Git::Repository is different.

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