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The CPAN once-a-week has been running for more than three years now, with several active leaderboards. NEILB introduced the monthly and daily releases competitions, and the notion of NeoCPANisms. extended the game to seven different contests, over more release types and periodicities.

Note: The Pulse also has a post about what follows.

Yearly contests

I was always interested in seeing the "past yearly contests" (i.e. before 2012), mostly because I knew I fared well then... ;-) And just like the main contest pages show the currently active competitions, I thought it would be interesting to be able to see all past yearly games at once.

This is now available for all competitions.

Top boards

While working on this, I also got interested into the "top periods" for CPAN uploads. And so now has some leaderboards that are not pitting authors against each others, but time periods instead.

Come and play with us

These boards are part of the "gamification of CPAN" trend that NEILB is steering towards the betterment of CPAN. We have more ideas beyond the existing boards, all with a goal of friendly competition that encourages behaviours which improve CPAN.

Thanks to Plack and Wallflower, the web site is both a dynamic website (in development) and a static website (in production). So if you're more interested in playing with web sites than distributions, please fork the CPANio repository, take a look at (or submit) some issues and send us nice pull requests.

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