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Introducing Git::Database

Git::Database is yet another module I wrote to interact with Git. It wraps an OO-layer around Git objects (blobs, trees, commits, tags), in a way that's very similar to what Git::PurePerl does. It has no opinion on the actual means to get the data from the Git object database: that bit is done with the Perl Git wrapper of your choice.

At the moment, there's only one supported wrapper for fetching data from Git: my own Git::Repository. I already have branches with working code (i.e. passing all the relevant tests) for Git::Wrapper, Git::Sub, Git::PurePerl and even the venerable, which I'll publish when they are more feature-complete. Git::Class is missing some critical feature I need to get the data from Git, and I couldn't figure out how to get the data using Git::Raw. Patches welcome!

The release is a version 0.001, as I expect the interface to have some rough edges that need some polishing. Depending on the feedback I receive, a version 1.000 should appear in a few months.

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