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Lazy == Cache ?

While I was working on some Moose code this past week, I was struck (again) by how the lazy property of attributes functions almost like a cache.  In fact, often when working in Moose I find that when I want something to be cached, I just make it lazy and call it a day.

Let me illustrate what I’m talking about with some code.  Now, the real process of putting this code together involved a lot of blind alleys and false starts, but I’m going to present it like I came up with the final product smoothly and without interruption. …

Perl vs Shell Scripts

Last week, I posted on my Other Blog about how I still prefer to use tcsh for my interactive shell.  Of course, I maintained that bash was the only real choice for shell scripts.

But then this brings us to another interesting point.  I, of course, am a Perl programmer.  A choice between Perl and shell scripts is not like a choice between C++ programs and shell scripts.  Back when I was a C++ programmer, there was no question but …

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