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Adventures in Dist::Zilla (among other things)

(Wow, has it really been almost 6 months since I last posted here?  Man, I’m slacking ...)

A while back, I decided to play with Dist::Zilla, and one of the first things I decided to do was make my own plugin bundle.1  Now, if you don’t know what a plugin bundle is ... well, that’s a bit above and beyond the scope of this article.2  Suffice it to say that, if you want to get the most of out DZ, you want to create your own plugin bundle.  (And, if you don’t want to do that, then you probably want to be using something simpler than DZ, like Dist::Milla or Minilla or Zilla::Dist.)

So I created one a long time ago but then I never did much with it.  I personally don’t have enough CPAN distros to juggle to make spending a lot of time fiddling with DZ a priority.  But lately I’ve decided I want to get back into it.  So I started out by installing the latest version I’d put out on CPAN.

Well, trying to install it, anyway.

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