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A Date with CPAN, Part 7: In the Zone

[This is a post in my latest long-ass series.  You may want to begin at the beginning.  I do not promise that the next post in the series will be next week.  Just that I will eventually finish it, someday.  Unless I get hit by a bus.

IMPORTANT NOTE!  When I provide you links to code on GitHub, I’m giving you links to particular commits.  This allows me to show you the code as it was at the time the blog post was written and insures that the code references will make sense in the context of this post.  Just be aware that the latest version of the code may be very different.]

Last time I said that I had three things left to do for Date::Easy before it was ready for CPAN:

  • Add a Time::ParseDate fallback to the ::Datetime class.
  • Figure out how to handle the UTC version of datetimes.
  • (Hopefully) fill out the POD.

This time, I’m reminded of the wise words of the great sage Meatloaf: two outta three ain’t bad.

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