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Of Dates, and Sigs, and Shiny Things (and cabbages and kings)

You know, I’ve been trying to analyze my working patterns lately, and I think I’ve hit on something.  Looking back over the past few years, it seems like I get obsessed with one particular project, work frantically on it and produce lots of great stuff, then I get distracted and next thing I know I’m obsessing over an entirely different project.  And then sometimes I circle back around to the first project, but it’s usually a long time later.  I’m actually starting to wonder if maybe I have some undiagnosed ADHD (not only because of the easily distracted, but also because of the hyperfocus, and SQUIRREL!).  Anyways, that appears to be the pattern of my life, so I think at this point I’m just going to have to learn to roll with it.

Now, why would you care about all this?  Well, most probably you don’t.  And that’s fine.  But insofar as you might care, you might care because some of those projects are Perl projects, and many of those Perl projects are CPAN modules (or will be someday (assuming I don’t get distracted (again (sort of like this sentence)))).  For instance, many of you first heard of me in connection with my work on Method::Signatures, which there was quite a lot of, back in the day.  In that particular case, I was aided not only by becoming obsessed with making signatures work in Perl, but also because I could spend $work time on it, which radically increases the amount of code I can crank out.  So I was able to do a lot with MSig, over the course of about a year, before I got distracted by other shiny things, and that was nice, but now it’s feeling a bit neglected and needs some love.1  For instance, I just now noticed that I released a trial version over six months ago that I just plain forgot to promote to a full release.  So ... sorry about that (and it should be there now).  Not much new there except a few compatibility features with native signatures, but still.

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