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Parallel programming with fork() and tail()ing logs

I' ve worked on a small freelance project recently. It was a log watcher and another tiny program watching it (watcher watcher). Basically, it's an extended `tail -f` watching over multiple logs generated by some persistent programs simultaneously and sending alerts based on configuration data. So there are two main problems before starting coding:

  1. Use threads or use fork()?
  2. Hand craft tailing code or check if there is already a module for that?

PAUSE UI Enhancement with Greasemonkey

Last week, Marcel Grünauer (hanekomu) tweeted about his PAUSE deletions possibly triggered by one of the recent discussions about the CPAN ecosystem (and mirroring deficiencies). PAUSE sends deleted files to the BackPAN which has everything released to CPAN. However, selecting the files to delete is not much fun since PAUSE UI is sadly not dynamic and if you have lots of distributions you'll have even more released files on PAUSE.

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