CPAN to MetaCPAN auto redirect for Chrome released

Like most of you, I prefer MetaCPAN over CPAN. The biggest issue I had was any google search and older blog posts all linked directly to CPAN.

I found 'MetaCPAN Helper' on the Chrome Web Store however using it caused google to pop up a page about me being redirected whenever I clicked on a CPAN link costing me a few extra seconds to get where I wanted to go. Like many of you I thought this was unacceptable so a little while back I created my own extension that does not have this issue.

What the extension does is rewrite all url's to without any tracking, annoying popups, or redirect pages.

Hopefully this will help some of you out. If you have any issues or features you would like to add you can do so at: or send me a pull request.

Source Code is available at:

Extension is available at:

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