Ask Not What your Moose Can Do For You. But What You Can Do For Moose

As most of my recent posts have been looking at what nice little goodies Moose has to offer and I now that I have solved my last role problem I figured it was time to take a little break from coding and look as general Design a little

I could just do like the old days and draw something up like this;


It think (well know) that there is a mindset out there against this sort of work, I know I have been told many times by 'Pointy Headed Boss Types', to stop that nonsense and get back to work and even once got fired for doing it.

I had mapped out a rather piss poor DB design and hung it on my cube wall. I was told I wasted company time by creating it. At the 'Warning Interview' I had to admit I was distracted, not by doing the diagram but by the steady stream of other developers who come into my cube to consult it.

I must admit I tend to be one of those 'lets Do er' types but I do like to get a visual picture of what I am working on but now days like Moose I am a bit of a convert.

Now days I am a fan of BPN as with tools like ARIS Express there is really no excuse for programmer not to use it. In previous D&D posts I mentioned that I could weasel by the 'Character Creation' rules so to make up for that I stayed up late last night and mapped them out and even then I did not get it 100% as I for got an important part, can you spot it?


Well I can see that I have my work cut out for me.

To start I have some 'Dice' to create. Do I use something from CPAN or write my own in Moose? Do I need some sort of constants table to keep all those values in or do I just create a number of roles that define the rules? Do I use some types to control who can become what? Maybe I can play whit 'Delegation' and create an black box API for this. ie 'Give me x and I will then tell you where you can go'??
Maybe there is a MooseX that will be really useful. Do I do testing as I go along or just at the end?

The most important part from my point of view is that my rules are all laid out for me, so for once I have all the 'Requirements' to start and they are not going to change in the middle.


Of well on with the game.

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