Does it Really only take a min?

I have been a Mojo::head for a few years now and I have heard alot a good things and bad things over the years. One thing that has always sort of seemed funny to me was the cliam that it taks less than 1 min to install.

Of couse you need a good connection and a fast computer. The are a numbe of demos of this out there and Glen Hinkle even did it live during an intro to Mojo talk.

So my mission tonight was to see if it really does install in a min.

Well Glen was wrong, It took almost 6 mins on my box. But my box is a 6 year old laptop with 2meg and only a 4.5 meg line so by any mesure this was actully fast INHO.

I also has to install Catalyst and DBIx::Class today as well. I started at 14:40 and was finished by the time I wrote this at 21:00 so ennough said. The main problems with this one was of couse just dedendacies and really once Catalyst was in it did take too to long to get DBIX::Class. But that is another story.

Well the question is this realy a good thing that it installs fast?? Well yes and no. It sort of negates the agrument that I only want to use X why do I need to get YZ as well. If you are really worried about maybe 3 mins out of your life for an install with some extras stuff then I think you are in the wrong business.

Extra stuff is nothing new how many programmer out there have onlu the mod they use on thier perl and absolutly nothing else.

Anway it is Sunday, It snowed 20cm this AM, I have a cold and I had to spend my day installing Catalyst and DBIx::Class and reinstalling Padre and a bunch of other stuff to get my dev site up and running again. (Try getting DBD::Oracle running on DWIN perl )

Anway here is a random picture of Fräulein drinking beer.



I tried on my server with 1 gbit connection:

Install Debian package Mojolicious (no tests): 8.321 seconds

The latest and gratest Mojoliciuos via cpanm: 38.687 seconds

Install DBIx::Class via cpanm: 4m32.159s.

Most of the installation time is running the tests (as Helmut already pointed out). On moderate hardware, setting `HARNESS_OPTIONS=j9` will run the tests but cut installation time dramatically. I can routinely get below 20s on average modern hardware and under 10s on a very good box.

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