Git with it.

I always surprises me how much one can get out out of the perl community without asking. Something like 3 years ago I had my first git-hub account not really for myself but for a 'job' interview that required it.

Long story short, in the interview they said they couldn't find my twitter feed and I hadn't friend-ed them on facebook yet. I said tweets are for budgies and I don't have a facebook account and have never even been to that site in my life (and still have never been there). The interview went down hill from there, especially as I said why would I wast my valuable time on such fluff. Anyway at least I got a gitgub account out of the process.

What I have found nice about github is people like to make it better and so I think today I will do my first clean up of my very few repos.

Seem there are a few things I have to clean up but never bothered to till today.

To start my 'Mojolicious::Plugin::Authorization' had a little bug in one of the tests

- return keys(%{$privs});
+ return sort keys(%{$privs});

So looking at the githup web page there is a neat little button called 'Merge Pull request' so I simply clicked it and after a few more confirm and comment boxes later and the patch was there.

A few mins of updating on-line with git-hub's built in editor to update the version number by one so I can put it on CPAN and then a quick perl Makefile.PL and make dist and I was ready to upload to CPAN

Add a file for BYTEROCK
File successfully copied to '/home/ftp/incoming/Mojolicious-Plugin-Authorization-1.03.02.tar.gz'

Update the rt ticket and that was it.

Compared to some of the rigmarole with cvs and svn I had to do with other repos it couldn't be easier.

Maybe I should take more advantage of social code??

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yeah, git rocks! :)

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