Life is good

Well you might remember the few post I did on my little pet mod Orignal and how its tests where broken how I fixed that and made it more broken!

But now the good news it I 100% Green well I known I am not going to win any prize for this module as a matter of fact the only review pan it. Hey but at least people are looking at it

Anyway it is what it is. A simple way to get accessors that worked for me in a very restricted development environment and I though it might help some-one else and really every ones should have at least one mod on CPAN they wrote themselves from scratch..

Funny I also like to look at it every once and a while on the CPAN MAP but I doubt it will ever make the top 100 there? Btw the way I find this a much faster way to search on CPAN and most likely the only good thing you will take away from this post.

Still no-one has gotten the joke behind the name that I do find funny.


Is it supposed to be funny because it's an anagram of groinal?

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