Most Useful Letter on CPAN

This one have been around for a while but it has only been recently that I had a need to use it more often. So here goes my little story on it.

Well the best letter on CPAN is 'V',

The story begins with me needing to install some new code on my production box. Well of course the dev and test environments where much more up to date in terms of perl and modules so my code had about 5+ dependencies to clean up. Never fun to do these sorts of fixes.

So out I whipped good old 'V' and just typed this*

perl -MV=DBD::MySQL,Acme::Mose,Acme::Llama,DBI,Moose
\perl\vendor\lib\DBD\ 4.020
Not found
Not found
\perl\vendor\lib\ 1.616
perl\site\lib\ 2.0402

And there is my list of what I don't have and what I may have to update.

Of course what first popped into the heads of most of us is the good old standard

perl -Mxxx::xxx -le 'print $xxx::xxx::VERSION'

but I always have to look the syntax up for that, I think I have burned a hole in my browser with all the time I have typed 'perl one liner for package version' into my Google search just to go back to the same StackOverflow page.

I do like 'V' much better as it is very easy to remember its syntax.

I wonder how many other really good other letters are out there on CPAN, I know of one somewhat amusing but total useless AAAAAAAAA though it is more than one letter long.

*Module names changed to protect the guilty

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Module::Version has command line utility mversion, so syntax is simpler.

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