Shame Is in


I think I will join the shame circle started by KD. So here is my confession and it happened today.

Well today I was finishing creating a new system for a customer based on another similar one. So there I am happily copying some files, re-naming thing A here and thing B there, setting up some configs, refactoring, cleaning and generally enjoying trying to remove some aspects of a giant anti-pattern from our system.

Things worked fine for the export portion of the system so then I moved on to the import and on the first try it died and died hard.

Well after some head scratching I was at a loss so I called in a colleague to have a look. After the usual blame the new code and blame the old code game, then a round or two of everyone's favorite pastime 'Change Die to Carp::confess'. Nothing!

We even tried 'perl -d' and even that didn't help.

It was only by looking at the original I copied from that I noticed in my zeal to clean things up I did this

--sub Import 
++sub import {

Spot the problem??

Funny how one little lower case i can really screw up your day. As usual we had a good round of laughter over that one.


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