A Day Without Perl

Well back at my desk today and slowly reinstalling DWIM perl and padre after yesterdays lunch disaster so I took the time to snoop about on the enlightened perl or EPO site for a few mins.

Well still not much going on there since the last time I had a look about two years ago at least the send a newbie initiative seems to be humming along.

They still have the same dead link on the 'Join the organisation' on the home page that was there 2 years ago at least the 'Membership' nav tab on the right side goes to the right place now.

You wonder sometimes if anyone really cares anymore about it as most of the info on the site is rather dated (except the send a newbie), the twitter feed has been inactive for two years and there still are still no documents except the original on the Docs page and the wiki has been hijacked by a shady Belorussian trucking firm.

Well at lest the 'ironman' site is still kept up to date.

Well at least they the site is up. I was going to have a look at the perl foundation web site tonight and see what is up but as of this moment the site seems to be down so I can't bum around there any tonight.

Oh well perhaps a code blog tomorrow!

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