Meeting Perl while on Vacation

Well bandwidth is still a problem for me these days (can you even remember 56k dial-up) so just a short post.

Well on the road today I met Perl at least 3 times and I wasn't even on line.

Well first we passed a semi hauling a load of cars and I looked up and saw a sticker on it saying powered by CargoTel. Well some of you may not know, well most maybe, that the CargoTel network for car delivery logistics is 100% Perl.

Well stopping at a very remote site in the afternoon I saw a sign that said 'As Seen On '' again another site that uses a good deal of Perl at least the last time I checked.

Finally stopping at the B+B this evening I noticed a sticker on the front door was from our good friend to the perl world ''

So I guess for a dead of dieing computer language we are not doing to-bad if we can penetrate into what can only be called a rather remote part of N.A.

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