Well A long way From home

Well I am a long way from home today and of course I had to check in and look at a few things.

Well No problem with the modern web just connect in from anywhere in the world and do your work.

Well my internet connection is 34kb so not very broad as well I using my cousin's computer but at least I can get my google mail and use good old ftp if I need to copy anything to and from the remote site

Well that is all great and good but I had to do some very quick debugging on a web site I sometimes help maintain. Well with the very limited connection speed I was timing out over the ftp but after 20min I finally got the offending file downloaded.

Now for the debugging part? I knew it was a problem in a loop and I could just fix it and send it back but the upload speed was less than 14kps so how long it would take to do that upload and I knew I would have to do that a few time till I fixed the bug.

So I though why not do the debugging on this box but of course my cousin's computer does not have perl and at 36kps it will take till dooms day to download and install it. So what to do?

Well just head to codepad.org and do the little debugging with their online compiler upload the files and all is good.

Well no joy in that as I tried,.

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to codepad.org

Try reloading: codepad.­org

Ok what next??

So A quick google search and I found compileonline.com and sure enough they ave a perl page. It might be in php but it is just what I needed and in a few mins I fixed up the silly bug in the loop and started the upload and fixed the site.

So If you ever found yourself stuck for perl give Mohammad Mohtashim's site a spin it can save your but like it did mine.

I also found another http://ideone.com/ but that one was full of adds.

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