Well it is worth the wait?

Well being out here in off-line land I took some time to work on formating some YAML files for my ongoing AD&D game. Well I was ok until I had to parse some things. Usually I just lay with my good old online YAML parser but I was finding it a bit trying what with the slow speed and late hour.

Then I remembered that some time ago I had used such a thing with Padre and sure enough after about 5 mins searching on Map of CPAN I ran into Padre::Plugin::YAML So I decided to give it a whirl and here is the results.

Well it seems I must of been missing a few of the compassionates it required as it took a good few hours to install but it did go-smootly. Seems it was not the size of the packages that took forever it was installing and compiling and the stuff the requirements required. Sigh!

Well then it decided to recompile Padre 100% again sigh as now I am moving on to three hours and still no plugin Looks like this one is costing me much more than any value I will get out of it, well no joy it did not install but at least this time my Padre still works.

Oh well lesson learned one should really check out the version Matrix of a plugin before you go and install it. It would of saved me a good deal of time this evening.

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