Are They taking over?

Well after I intercepted this recording secret meeting of the order of Cats (sorry for the commercials but it is a public broadcaster) and as part of their evil plan they
have invaded the world of Perl.

Seem they have some sort of strange influence over PACKMAN and he has recently released 'Acme::CatFS'. Now anyone can do this Cat and embed these annoying creatures anywhere any time.

Well how to counter this take over?? Well I tried to find some other namespaces like thedogapi seems those cats got there first and reserved the name space. I think we are all doomed.

Well all joking aside I did get something useful out of this little ACME
as many are the times where I had to fudge a whole lot of code so I could display some sort of random image or random embedded image without loading it someplace first.

Looking under the hood of CatFS I finally found a very good way to do this sort of thing with Moose (well Moo but that is at least 2/3 of Moose) it of course really just a nice example Fuse::Simple at work.

A program I have heard of but never seen a working use case.

My end goal here is an add in for a little goodie to a web app I have been tinkering with, namely a random Molecule file picked out from any number of public APIs and then displayed on my splash page. The problem I had was not actually getting and displaying the file. It is the wasting the space to keep it about, erasing it and or moving it about that for me was problematic. This Acme example has got met started in doing it correctly.

Just one caveat before you go off and install this little Mod, it is not a 5 min operation seems getting Fuse to install is a bit of a nightmare at it has a rater poor test record though after a few attempts I did get it installed. Well at least I an developing my site in good old Linux for now though I did have to do a manual build. Pity this will never go on my window box as all I get when I attempt a Make is

C:\Dwimperl\cpan\build\Fuse-0.16-LZPO72>perl Makefile.PL
The system cannot find the path specified.
Cannot build for platform: MSWin32
There is no FUSE support for your platform to our knowledge, sorry

But then again FUSE is a Unix like thingy so I should of expected that. I could try myself to write one up myself as there is port to windows called crossmeta might be worth looking into when I have a few months free.

Any way here is a cute dog picture to compensate for all this cat propaganda


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