Entering MooseX, Part the Fourth

Well in my last post I manged to get rid of numerous bits of the original MooseX::Authorized Methods and get it down to what I find is just what I need the bare-basic check if a class has a role.

Now digging ever deeper into the 'clone' of Authorized Methods I have the 'MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::HasRoles' class and I can just delete that one as I moved its functionality into the 'MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized' class so that leaves me with 'MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Meta::Role' and here that is

package MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Meta::Role;
use Moose::Role;
use Moose::Util::MetaRole;
use Moose::Exporter;
Moose::Exporter->setup_import_methods(also => 'Moose::Role');

sub init_meta {
    my ($class, %opts) = @_;


       for            => $opts{for_class},
       role_metaroles =>
        application_to_role =>
        application_to_class =>
        application_to_instance    =>

    return $opts{for_class}->meta();


Well giving it the quick once over it all looks good and nothing for me to do here as this is the 'Role' that I use in 'MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized'. Now here is where Moose::Util::MetaRole set up the meta for any calling class of this role so there is not much I can do here.

The batch of files 'ToClass', 'ToComposite' and 'ToInstance' are under the 'MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Application' namespace and used by ' Moose::Util::MetaRole' to set things up.

Out of the three only 'ToInstance' my have some changes

package MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Application::ToInstance;
use Moose::Role;

after apply => sub {
    my ($self, $role, $instance, $args) = @_;


    my $original_body = $instance->body;
    my $new_body = sub {
        $instance->verifier->authorized_do($instance, $original_body, @_)

    # HACK! XXX!

    # 1 - body is ro in Method, need to force the change,,,
    $instance->{body} = $new_body;

    # 2 - need to reinstall the CODE ref in the glob
    no warnings 'redefine';
    no strict 'refs';
    *{$instance->package_name.'::'.$instance->name} = $new_body;


Well a #HACK! XXX! comment at lest the fellow is honest. It is a little funny to me why that would be considered a Hack it was at one time rather normal Perl and I am sure 90% of us out there have used a Modl that used something similar, oh well I guess time change.

Anyway there might be some changes I can make in this one as I do not think I need that ' $instance->verifier->' anymore I will give it the once over like this
package MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Application::ToInstance;
use Moose::Role;

after apply => sub {
    my ($self, $role, $instance, $args) = @_;




and I give my code from the other post a run

my $order1 = Product::Order->new({type=>'PO'});
my $route_id = $order1->shipping_authorized();
print "Route_id=".$route_id;
my $order2 = Product::Order->new({type=>'COD'});
$route_id = $order2->shipping_authorized();
print  $route_id;

and then I get what I want


You Die Now GI!! at C:/Dwimperl/perl/site/lib/MooseX/Meta/Method/Role/Authorized.pm line 40.

Lovely! Things will work as I expected. So to me that is a good deal cleaner. Now I have to do the hard part. Tests, Documentation and Packaging, but maybe an enhancement or two first??


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