Enter MooseX, Appendix I Not Again!!

Honestly I though my last post would be the final one of this rather lenghty series but I was wrong.

Seems soon after my release I got what I think is my first ever 'Pull Request' from github from the resident mooz giiyosewinini na Toby Inkster so I had to post on that today.

Well Seems there is a better fix for the bugs/errors that where thrown in the first version of MooseX::AuthorizedMethodRoles as the root of the problem was the inability of perls less that 5.8.8 to figure out that the $requires part of

 foreach my $key (keys($requires))
is a hash.

Well I must of really been up late when I wrote that up as I normally, as force of habit,
wrap my hash refs with {} like this

 foreach my $key (keys(%{$requires}))

which might even work with more Perls that 5.8.8 and above. I might have to break out perlbrew and give that a test in another post.

Anyway back on track. So in my Github I went to the request and noticed this little block


Well didn't click it right away I had a good look at the code changes first which when using github is ever so easy and after a little due diligence I clicked the button added a comment and then clicked the 'Confirm' button and


the changes where in.

So now another release 0.00.05 is on its way to CPAN let's see what the CPAN testers cook up tonight


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