Enter MooseX, Appendix II Last One I Promiss!

Well This should really be the last one in this series baring any big problems that come down the line if people ever end up using this MooseX.

So in my last post I applied the first patch to my MooseX by simply clicking a button on github and I must say I am pleased with the result

So not I get a full green board on CPAN testers for V0.00.05 with 33 passes and 33 attempts however I do see that my compatibility Matrix isn't that broad covering only two OSs.

Looking back a bit comparing to my first result I got 276 attempts, 95 FAILs, 17 NAs 164 PASSes, so I tested on a larger number of boxes but failed a large number of tests.

I also noticed that I mim perl that even ran my Module was 5.8.8 and that did not even run any tests. So quickly checking the other versions I think I am comfortable with that 5.8.8 level and I will leave it where it is.

So what next. Well I want to boost the version number up to 1.00.00 but I really do not have any code changes to go along with it. So what to do.

Well poking about on CPAN checking out how versions where handled on other modules there does not seem to be a 100% set pattern most have started low and stayed there.
So I do not see a need to change my version any as it will just be pretentious of me. Like the old dot-bomb joke never try and sell version 1.0 of a software always start at 2.1 that means most of the bugs are gone.

Anyway at the close of this I did learn some valueable lesson on how to use Dist::Zilla, some of the inter-workings of Moose Meta ans most importantly if I just read the POD of MooseX::AuthorizedMethods I would of never started down this long path to begin with.

Well truly onto something new tomorrow.


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"However I do see that my compatibility Matrix isn't that broad covering only two OSs."

Give it time. There are a few dedicated testers who submit results for Linux, Windows, and often FreeBSD within a few minutes of releasing your module. Wait another week.

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