Enter MooseX, III Now Lets see whats up.

So I have the latest Kwalitee results from my latest changes and I have improved a little now at 96.88 up from my 84.83 and only one Core fail

package version matches dist version

Still haven't got that right but at leas my README.pod is acceptable to CPANTS.

So a quick look and yikes I guess I fixed the Dist::Zilla ini file

name = MooseX-AuthorizedMethodRoles
version = 0.00.02
author = John Scoles
license = GPL_1

but did not fix the main module

package MooseX::AuthorizedMethodRoles;
use Moose ();
use Moose::Exporter;
use Sub::Name;
our $VERSION = 0.00.01;

ok I wonder if I am missing something with Dist::Zilla I see to remeber that it is suppose to handle the version # for you let me check and ah there is and it is called 'Dist::Zilla::Plugin::AutoVersion' but I did not add it as it did not have the default config I liked I suppose I can change that but a quick look around I see there is Dist::Zilla::Plugin::PkgVersion which is a little more my style and it will even clean up one of my extra metrics Kwalitee

no invalid versions

as it will add versions to my other packegs as well so I will add that to the ini and after a quick lesson that there has to be a blank line after the package name (RTFM John) for the very good reason that the # of lines in the stored version (github) and the distributed version will be the same. So after a few mins adding in a few blank lines and doing a

dzil clean
dzil make

I got a nice 0.00.03 version number in all my .pm files. Now this does bug me a little as the stored source is not 100% the same as the released but as I am doing things auto-majickly now I suppose I will have to live with this.

So other low hanging fruit is the

metayml has provides

Seem I should add in what mods I provide in the Meta.yml but snooping about I do not see a quick way to do this with Dist::Zill so I will leave that one out for now and onto the next

has separate license file

Well that is easy enough just a new file so I will add that one in and see how it goes now just update the Changes files (I wished I could automate that someday) and send here back to PAUSE.

This is all becoming so easy now I remember my first DBD::Oracle release some 9 years ago took me like 3 days to get the package right (sent along a .zip file not a .tar.gz) and didn't get the version right and spent 35min dithering over to press the 'Upload this file from my disk' button. Boy how times have changed for me.


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