Enter MooseX, IV 100% Nice and Clean

Well I did it my Kwalitee results are now at 100% but I see from a comment on my last post that there is a way to fix an Emperimental metics

metayml has provides

and that is to use 'MetaProvides::Package' so a quick update to my ini file and of course it did not work as I did not have the plugin installed so after a few minutes looking blankly at my screen I figured this out and installed the plugin!

So after a few false runs I figured it out all I need to do it put the package that calls the other packages like this

MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized = 1

the one meaing look for other packages and in my META.YML I get

file: lib/MooseX/AuthorizedMethodRoles.pm
version: v0.0.4
file: lib/MooseX/Meta/Method/Role/Authorized.pm
version: v0.0.4
file: lib/MooseX/Meta/Method/Role/Authorized/Application/ToClass.pm
version: v0.0.4
file: lib/MooseX/Meta/Method/Role/Authorized/Application/ToComposite.pm
version: v0.0.4
file: lib/MooseX/Meta/Method/Role/Authorized/Application/ToInstance.pm
version: v0.0.4
file: lib/MooseX/Meta/Method/Role/Authorized/Meta/Role.pm
version: v0.0.4

Sweet. One more step forward on the Kwalitee side.

There is one more I can hit tonight and that is

metayml declares perl version

The Dist::Zilla::Plugin::MinimumPerl may help me with that, so after I used CPAN to install it (you see I do learn from my mistakes), boy there an ever increasing number of Deps when using Dist::Zilla!

Well couldn't be simpler all one needs to do is add in


and there after a build is my entry in the YML

Sub::Name: 0
perl: 5.014
strict: 0

So lets change the log check it in, rebuild and push it off to CPAN again and see what we have on the morrow.

This uploading to CPAN is becoming second nature to me now what a difference a few uploads make.


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