Enter MooseX, V Well Thats a Wrap

Well a wrap for Kwalitee at least as my little changes from my last post left me with only one Extra metric

is prereq

Well there is not much I can do about that unless one of the many legions of my readers, (well maybe a contubernium at least) will have to do that for me.

So I did improve from 86%/111.2 in version 00.001 to 100%/134.4 for version 0.00.04 so not bad but what does this mean?

Well in the end not much as it is only a game and I am sure there are plenty of Mods out there that have a less than stellar scores but are made to very high standard.

However as Perl code games goes this is the only one that does improve our code and the only one I play. The others? Well I do not think much of them as just releasing stuff for the sake of release or uploading to CPAN just for a few extra points is not a way to get better software. Most times it just eats up version numbers and disk-space I really think those other games are taking away from CPAN not adding to it. Well that is my 2c on that subject.

Now I can say that this little game did same me some time (unfortunately cost me a post as well as mow I do not have a debug post) because now that I give the Min Perl in the Meta.yml

perl: 5.014

I went from 68 fails to none so there is some time saved by me having to chase all those test reports back.

It also means there is a less of a load on these testing boxes as they simply don't even bother to look at my stuff. Just think of all the server CPU time and energy I have just saved by that one line of code in the Meta and it was suggested by CPANTS.

Just think of that CPANTS is making the Earth greener and as one who has studied and modeled the butterfly effect back when it was cool I can say this is an impact though not much of one.

Well that is my little rant for today. Onto other things tomorrow



By the way, I disagree that these CPAN games do nothing to improve CPAN.

I quite often answer questions on sites like PerlMonks and StackOverflow, and also on IRC and so forth. The answers to some of the more interesting questions might involve writing significant chunks of code. Sometimes, haven written that code, I look at it and think "now, that seems like a generally useful bit of code... perhaps something like that ought to be on CPAN".

But uploading to CPAN would involve writing a proper test suite, cleaning up the API (informed by writing the test suite), and documenting it; none of these are trivial tasks. CPAN games are a good motivator for me to do this sort of thing.

Without CPAN games, it is likely that
Acme::Constructor::Pythonic, Exporter::LexicalVars, MooX::ClassAttribute, MooX::ObjectBuilder, MooseX::Deprecated, MooseX::WhatTheTrig, Role::Inspector, Sort::Key::Top::PP, Types::Interface, and Types::LoadableClass would not be on CPAN at all. Many of these modules have had ++ votes, which I'll interpret as meaning that they've been useful to someone at some point in the past.

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