Entering MooseX, Part the Seventeenth

Hey guess what no tests today and really not much of a blog either.

I and now moving into actually creating a distribution for this little mod of mine now that I have all the code written and all the tests done, though I really should do the POD next I am going to step out of order a little and look at different ways to create a distrabution

Well the reason why I am doing this is that I have only ever done it the craftsman way. Or in other words by hand and hope for the best.

So I have been shopping about looking for something that will help me out. Well went to META::CPAN and just entered 'dist' in the search box and hit enter. Well got over 1000 hits. So this is a subject that has a good deal of potential or perhaps it just something that every programmer likes to do her own way.

I am going to ignore the three wise men ExtUtils::MakeMaker, Module::Build, and Module::Install they have been done to death and I want to learn new stuff.

So l did come up with a list and here they are, in no particular order,

  1. Dist::Zilla the main one that gets all the buzz these days
  2. Dist-Maker One I just spotted and keen to learn about.
  3. Dist::Inkt Toby wrote it so it must be good! Right?
  4. Distribution::Cooker Funny this one is by Brian D Foy, boy these two guys are busy on CPAN and
  5. Dist-Man This one is really neat as I think it one of the few Perl mods with a Gefilte fish back-end

Anyway I have my work cut out for me will be an interesting next bunch of posts. I am really looking for something the will help out all around, and maybe even help out creating the Makefile.PL

Anyway I guess my post title might be a little misleading as the only thing Moose related in this post is this picture of a moose who did not pass the jumping test.


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