Entering MooseX, The Check is in the Mail

Well if you believed the title of this post then you will believe this one as well. So I left off yesterday with a failing .t

my $test2 = test_one_of_fail->new();
eval {


In the case I was able to run the 'ping' sub so it fail because I got nothing in the '$@'

Well after some time playing about which I will not bore you with too much I will just give you the nickel tour. I simple saved my test as a pl and then I gave it a go with the Padre debugger attempting to step though the code. Well after getting kicked out Padre I had enough and just added in a liberal amount warn statements in the various packages to see what was going on.

Eventually I stumbled into it and it seem I as a little quick off the mark in this post to change the code for 'MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Application::ToInstance;'

to just

package MooseX::Meta::Method::Role::Authorized::Application::ToInstance;
use Moose::Role;

after apply => sub {
my ($self, $role, $instance, $args) = @_;

I did some other testing and found that it was only my final test that hit this code. So lets see what was there before

after apply => sub {
my ($self, $role, $instance, $args) = @_;
my $original_body = $instance->body;
my $new_body = sub {
$instance->verifier->authorized_do($instance, $original_body, @_)

# 1 - body is ro in Method, need to force the change,,,
$instance->{body} = $new_body;

# 2 - need to reinstall the CODE ref in the glob
no warnings 'redefine';
no strict 'refs';
*{$instance->package_name.'::'.$instance->name} = $new_body;

so looking at this again I still think I will have to change it a little as I no longer have a 'verifier' on my instance so I will take that out and give my test a go (after I remove all my warns as they tend to bugger up test results)

D:\Blogs\Moosex-AuthorizedMethodRoles\t\40-Composed.t ..
ok 1 - one_of pass
ok 2 - test_one_of_fail
All tests successful.
Files=1, Tests=2, 1 wallclock secs ( 0.02 usr + 0.02 sys = 0.03 CPU)
Result: PASS

and it works, Back in the game again. Though I wonder if I really need all of that code??
Playing around a bit I think I will have to keep it but to me it is not a hack more just a very Perlish way to do polymorphism (overloading) though it is the entire object with another version of itself

Now I think there is really really just one test left for me to do and that is using this as a 'trait' anyway time to make dinner


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