Entering MooseX, XXII Just two more

Well on to the next little module I am going to have a look at Distribution-Cooker another creation from the prolific keyboard of Brian DeFoy. Well I am batting 0-3 for another module to do what I want, fill in all the boiler plate and package up all my stuff from my MooseX modules.

While this is a nice little module like the last two it is really a starting point for module creation rather that a tool to help out packaging it.

Like the last one you simply create a template by extending the original class as you see fit and then let it go creating you blank files and then used to package them up.

Well it does have the least number of dependencies of any so far and installs in a few moments so if you are limited on the version and or mods of Perl you can install this would be the Distribution tool for you.

Well did play with it for a little while and it did do all the basic stuff plus it is very customizable as you like to.

I did have a little problem getting the system to actually work as I had to hunt down another module see how it worked and then use an example from that. Basically by default it uses template tool kit as a template system and if you happen to be failure with that you will find using this system quite easy.

On the whole there is still very much a work in progress, though functional you still have to invest a good deal of time in learning how to work it and how it can properly work for you. This is a pity as if it was better documented and had the config file features it would be a very useful tool

Anyway not what I am looking for at the moment but I can see its use in an older limited environment.


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