Entering MooseX, XXIII A little More

Well done to my last candidate Dist-Man so I am hoping to get lucky with this one as the past three though useful when creating a dist from scratch did not help me much when I wanted to just create the boiler plate for a dist from already existing code base.

So it dose install easily with very few dependencies and the documentation is quite good but unfortunately like all of the tools I looked at so far, except Dist::Zillia, I really should be using this pro gramme to create new mods rather than creating the Boiler plate for my new MooseX after the fact.

I did spend some time playing about and I must say I like how this module works. I could take a config and or a set of command line params and did a good job creating my base module and you have a good number of options to choose from for your build,
There is even a command line command to set up you config file and I found this very useful

However like all these Dist helpers I have worked with to do a complicated thing like a module name that does not fully translate into a name-space but rater just a file in a name-space and then other files in a different name-space I would have to create. Now like most of the others this mod uses plugins to do its majik and from what I have played with so far it does this quite well.

I did find the documentation execleent as there are some good instructional HTLM page in the distribution brought to us by our friends at Perl Training AU though it is buried in the dist and I found it only by rooting about in the source.

All in all it is good program but not a great program and in time maybe nice program ;)


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