Entering MooseX, XXIV Well Now Lets See

Well there can be only one winner in the great Dist creator review but first here are the modules I had a look at

  1. Dist::Zilla the main one that gets all the buzz these days
  2. Dist-Maker One I just spotted and keen to learn about.
  3. Dist::Inkt Toby wrote it so it must be good! Right?
  4. Distribution::Cooker Funny this one is by Brian D Foy, boy these two guys are busy on CPAN and
  5. Dist-Man This one is really neat as I think it one of the few Perl mods with a Gefilte fish back-end

As well for the record I think I set the board a little high or I just looked in the wrong places. What I was looking for was packager that would do all the boilerplate and repetitive functions for me and not something to give me a base to work from.

Well the only one that did that well was Dist::Zilla so that is the one I am going to go with. Most of the others offered the same level of functionality but did require more coding and configuration than I really wanted.

If I was doing a good deal of module release to CPAN (or maybe a Dark-PAN or mini-CPAN) for a client I would spend allot more time working up my profile to a high degree so it would make my releases much more consistent and convenient.

Now if I was limited in my Perl environment I would go with Gefilte fish back-end of the five it had the fewest dependencies and was the quickest to get up and running with and to set up a config file.

Now I is not that I do not like this type of dist builder it is I can get most of what they offer from just using Padre and some of its off the shelf tools and of course there is just 'make dist' that does a good deal of work as well.

Now Dist::Zilla is a bit a bit of a behemoth but so are some to the systems I uses and it gives me integration with git-hub and can auto-majicakly send my packages to CPAN and that is something I want to try some day soon.



I think only fair for Dist::Inkt to quote the first line of the doc: "Dist::Zilla didn't have the prerequisite amount of crazy for me, so I wrote this instead" :-)

Have a look at Dist::Milla by Miyagawa San.

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