Entering MooseX, XXV 25 Post and Still Nothing on CPAN??

Well this is true this is the 25th post in this series and I still haven't released the code I started with in this post. Please to be forgiving me as it has been rather heck-tick about here but I think I should be able to wrap things up soon.

I really just have the POD to write up which I am going to look at tonight. One thing that you do here about Perl when talking to non-Perl programmer is that is lacks documentation like JAVA. Usually when I here this I send them off to Ensemble API and ask them if that is not good documentation what is??

Anyway the way Perl has cornered the genome market but that is another post.

So tonight I was looking at how I was going to style my little POD for this. Now the original didn't have much in it and I do not think mine will have much more but I would like to take an API approach that is somewhat the same as DBI but of course mine will only have a few parts.

I did have a poke about on CPAN to see how PODs for this sort of sugar API are written up but I did not find any commonality between them and found no standard to work from in the any of the Moose docs.

So when in doubt go with what you know an like so It will have the standard sections

  • NAME

Now normally what would come next is a


section I do not really have any of those so I am going to stick with a


section like the original module.

Now I did notice that the way I am using this mod is more like a configurable plugin rather than an API so I think my next section will be


and the next for me will be


as I was rather frustrated with the lack of explained examples out on CPAN it is about time we started add them in

No I think a


would be good as well as I can point back to this blog or the Original coded there.

What follows is the standard


That's about it looks like I will be doing some typing tomorrow


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