Entering MooseX, XXVI It will be on CPAN by Christmass!

Where have we heard that before?? Well today I did mange to get my POD mostly written up and now I just have to look into one or two other important matters and I think I can give it a go.

First it is a question of Version.

Well there are many version patterns to pick from. Most of the time it does not matter sometimes it does as the time I stuck an 'a' in a DBD::Oracle version and took the wrath of a good number of other Module builders and I am still most likely paying the price for doing a favour for someone.

So there is of course the patter that Perl follows 'n.n.n' or Major version, Regular release, Bug fix release. Now there is a problem with this of course as you are the sort who has to release every month and have a number of dev versions, then your second 'n' will quickly flip past 99 before you know it. Again DBD::Oracle will be near that point in about two years. When it does flip to 1.100 it will be fun the watch the sparks fly as the latest version may not be the one that is installed.

Well really not my point here just an example I am familiar with.

So I will be going with the three. 0.0.1 as my first release will be a beta then I will then have plenty of room to fix it up as the bug flow in.

So a note when I play with Dist::Zilla to set up the version as n.n.n

Now the second little thing to look at is a change file. I myself like it simple and easy and I usually just follow the what others have done for years but now at lest someone was nice enough to write out a spec for it.

Now the last little thing to look at is the README file. You know some traditions take a long time to die out and this is one of them. You know in the old days these files where a necessary read for anyone who was going to use a package or any code for that matter. Now many packages on CPAN do not have them some have converted them to to PODs and guides others still use them in the traditional way a place to but stuff that does not really fit anywhere else or will detract from the main documentation.

I do not think I will add one as there is no special install instructions or trouble shooting for this Mod and a duplication of the POD in two places like many I have seen is not really that useful.

Though the Readme is useful for Github as that is what it uses on the splash page for the code in the repository.

Well getting closer now.


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