Entering MooseX, XXVII It is all in the Git

Well actually my blog tonight is not on MooseX, Moose or even Perl but it is part of this little project of mine and I figure it is good for a single post.

Well today I started to play with the latest and greatest version of the Github for Windows so those of you who don't care about such things you can go back to you linux command line and not bother to read any further.

Well I have used GitHub (painfully) for a few years now, started with a few command line stuff but never worked quite right for me but things improved when I installed tortoisegit as I was familiar with the original tortoisesvn so the transition over was not that painful.

So I did become some-what more productive but when Github started to do inline editing I found I was doing most of my work inline.

Well a few things changed with me, one I got a new computer with the latest and greates from windows on it and I am doing more traviling these days so I am not allways 100% connected to do updates in-line on github. As I hadn't installed tortisegit (or tortisesvn) on my new box I might as well get the latest and greatest and see if it improves my life at all.

Well after the download waiting (39 megs, windows can never do anything small), and the install It took me about 1 min of poking about to discover that I must clone my repository first (or create a new one) so I did that from a list of all my repos up on github so it was more than easy.

Next it did take another 3 mins to figure out I had to click the 'Gear' Icon to get the 'Open in Explorer' link and then all I did was drop my files from my working folder into the appropriate github folder and then wait a few seconds and got this


Ok no brainer there simply click 'Commit to master' and I am away to the races.

Well my few whizzing and whering and my commits where made. Great. I really like this new interface it is very clean and uncluttered. It even tells me in big letters that I have 'Unsynced changes'


So I better got and sync things up, by the way this was always a pain for me using the command line and even tortiseGit, can't tell you the number of times I over-wrote my own files.

However with this nice neat UI all I have to do is hit the 'Sync' button (it even tells my I am two syncs out of date) and then my commits are off to the web someplace

Once that has gone and is process my 'History' updates and by clicking on the 'record' I get I nice little dif listing of code on the right by simply clicking the arrow next to a file, Kool


So that is the 'nickle' tour of the latest Github for Windows. Now it wasn't all roses it did put my repos in a rather bad default spot on my C:\ drive, I have limited space on it so I do not want to clutter it up with repos.

Well I was able to change that as there is an Options selection under the 'Gear' menu that allows you to set up the repos anywhere you want to.

Well onto real code tomorrow (I hope)

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