Entering MooseX, XXVIII Its on its way!

Well I am finally there after what almost a month of plucking away at it I am going to do the release.

Well I did go with Dist::Zilla and after a quick 'dzil smoke' I did a 'dzil build' and I am ready to send it off.

Well after the usual looking for my Pause password and having it reset yet again (I must hold a record for that) I was finally able to send my MooseX up to PAUSE

Add a file for BYTEROCK
File successfully copied to '/home/ftp/incoming/MooseX-AuthorizedMethodRoles-0.001.tar.gz'

So now I just have to hang around and see how many bugs are reported :)

All in all it has been a good run with this little exercise I learned a few lessons about reading the fine print of modules, how to write up a good MooseX, way too much about Moose::Meta and I think most importantly I had a good look at a number of Dist packages and decided on the one that will work best for me Dist::Zillia.

Now I did not go full blown and use Dist::Zillia to get my files from a tagged branch then do the build and then send it off to CPAN though it can do that all by itself. Maybe a little later as I get more use to using it.

Well nothing much to do now but watch the 'Recent Uploads:' scroll at Map of Cpan and wait for my little puppy to come up.

Any way time for this calf to go to sleep


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