My First Perl6 (Part the First)

Well since I was in Olten anyway for the SWP I might as well take in the Perl6 workshop. I initialy signed up to do some install testing on windows 64 which according to the many rumors I have herd it would be a nightmare wrapped up in a nice bow.

So after arriving a little later than expected and seeing the good old familiar faces I grabbed a seat and began to play.

The first stop was getting started page on and within a few mins of poking about I found the Rakudo page followed the link there to the MSI page clicked the button and bingo-bango-bongo of and ready with Perl6.

Well so much for Perl6 being hard to install.

Well next I tackled a few simple scripts the normal 'hello world' type scripts and a few other ones and of course this gets very boring very quickly unless your idea of a good time is trying our regex but that is more like my nightmare.

Anyway I remembered my older post Not a Llama and I figured Perl6 doesn't have one of those yet so what the hey.

Well after a good day of playing about (really just copying my copy of some-one else's code) I came up with my first module Perl6 mod and then into the Perl6 ecosystem.

Not going into too much detail on how it went, that is for a later posts, but my resons for choosing this rather that doing the more traditional playing about

  1. It is a module
  2. It is Object Oriented
  3. it is simple code
  4. Really does something, well not much really but more than a simple say 'ello script.
  5. I happen to have the original code handy
So in the end I figured this was a better course of action as if gave me a much more broader approach to leaning the language rather than a bunch of one off scripts.

Oh yeah one other important thing I discovered is it Perl6 and not perl 6 or perl6 and especially not perl six

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