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And Now some code

I think it is about time I got down to brass tacks and get some code written for this project of mine or at least look at it.

Well they say a picture is worth a thousand words and this little diagram (from a production instance, I too off all the names to save the innocent, will give you an idea of where I have used DA and how I see other using it.


What's In a Name, (or how I picked my Name-space, and lived)

So I guess the best thing for me to do now is answer good old question 4 from my last post.

Is this just going to pollute the name-space?

So as I said in my last post DBIx::DA was the name-space I picked some 10 (or is it 11) years ago for my take on the DataAccessor package, and I would agree it does pollute the name-space as like I said it adds nothing to DBI except, some wrapping and SQL generation.

So where to put it?

Well I was thinking under Data:: as something like Data::…

Get on With it

Now that I am getting further from my Java story and closer to a Perl story, which is good me thinks, I am going to pause and ask myself a few questions, before I jump into the rebuilding my DataAccessor aka DBIx::DA.

  1. Isn't this just re-factoring/re-design for re-factoring/re-design sake?

  2. What is the end use of this new module?

  3. Hasn't this already been done to death?

  4. Isn't this just …

Oh one more thing

In my last few posts I have been nattering on about DataAccessor an old Java app that set me on my path to Perl. Looking back some 20 years now I see that despite it working well and being successful I think we had on our hands one very large anti-pattern. At least when it came to any other SQL database

I do remember having a look at the new thingy called MySQL and investigating it to see if we should create SQLDataAccessor for it. I had an email trail with David Axmark (how do you forget a name like that) asking if MySQL did …

And Still going!

Well carrying on from my last post lets get a little idea what the SQLDataAccessor was suppose to be doing. It was part of a larger system called DataAccessor that was attempting to provide a common CRUD front end to a number of data sources. There was SQLDataAccessor, SIPDataAccessor of course and NTFSDataAccessor and I think an OLEDataAccessor as well. At the time a rather novel idea.

On top of this access layer there was a Java …

And here we go!

Gee has it really been nearly a year since my last post I must be getting very lazy in my old age.

Well I do have something to blog about these days besides new modules and unused D&D code. Lets start off with a little background:

It all started back in 1998 or was it 99?? I was working with a really good JAVA team at the time, yes I know sacrilege. We created a number very good and well selling products for a suite of SIP servers, as a matter of fact I am still getting royalty checks after nearly 20 …

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