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Well today’s blog was suppose to be me looking at some of the MooseXs I reviewed the other day. However I seems that Moose has moved quite foreword since the last time I did a new install and it seems I was getting 'Class::MOP::load_class is deprecated' in almost every thing I wanted to play with.

Well had a quick look at my Moose version was quite out of date. I had 2.06 or alike and I see now there is a shiny new 2.2009 release that is less than a month old so in that goes.

Well with the regular rigamarole I tried to reinstall my Moose and it crashed then my Padre stopped working. So I am thinking it is going to be one of those days where not much get accomplished.

I did eventually find one of the problems, 9 reg-ex entries all pointing to different perl versions. Well after one or two hours to cleaned all those entries up, clean up the path statements ina number of projects I have on my computer, then a some time getting Padre up and running again and finally getting cpan client up and running I updated my moose to the latest. So then I tried to rerun one of my test scripts and got that darn Class::MOP::load_class is deprecated again so now even more discouraged.

In the end I going to have to reinstall my strawberry perl which as the current version is 5.14 and the present version is 5.26 it may be about time.

A good number of the the modules I wanted to test from my last post have benn built in the last few years so I think it may be time for an update. Though I may be running cpanm for the next few days before everything is back to where I was started.

Oh well I guess that is progress.


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